Strongly Recommended. If you want a coaching certification program with the foundation of a relationship with the Lord, this is the program for you. I would not hesitate to signing up for this course.

Master HIScoach™ Nanette Floyd Patterson is very supportive and dedicated to her students. She has done over and above what I expected to make sure my journey as a HIScoach™ is successful. When you sign up you not only get certified but you get business coaching and a mentor! This has been a life changing

Attending HIScoach™ Training Academy has propelled me to a new place in my destiny. I have more clarity and direction about God’s assignment for me.

While going through the program, not only did it teach me how to coach my clients and how to run a successful coaching business, but I was also able to apply some of the principles to my personal life.

The HIScoach Training Academy truly changed my life. It gave me the permission to be who I've always been and the skill to be BETTER.

Master HIScoach Nanette helped me define, name and fine tune what I was doing by taking me through her God-ordained and inspired HIScoach certification.

HISCoach Training Academy was God sent. Not only did I gain the tools I needed to be a Spirit Led Christian Life Coach but my own personal life was transformed . I overcame some areas of fear in my life and today I am in my season because I was more than just another student;

I knew I wanted to study to become a certified coach but not just any coach, a certified Christian coach. But I could not find the right certification program, I kept searching only the first 2 pages of the Internet but this voice told me to go to the 3rd page and lo and behold

What can I say about Master HIScoach Nanette & HIScoach Academy? God sent! Going through this course has changed my life. She is an excellent instructor who gently pushes you toward your intended purpose in God.  HIScoach Renee Doughty  Combat Boots to Make-up Brushes, Inc

I am new to the program but so far it has been so much more than I could have ever expected. The material that Master Hiscoach Nanette uses is AWESOME!! I am learning so much not just about being a coach, but about myself. This has to be one of the best investments that I

Becoming a HIScoach has allowed me the opportunity to deepen a personal yet spiritual side of myself. The HIScoach Academy has allowed me to not only see the areas in my life that entail spiritual improvement, but how that spiritual improvement can help me to guide others through spiritual coaching. This has truly been a

From my heart………”I am excited and delighted to be a member of the HIScoach™ family. The training that I received to become a certified HIScoach™ (Spirit-led, Christian Coach) was second to none. I have grown spiritually and in many other ways as a result of this program. Time will fail to tell of the exponential

Life changing , informational & dynamically spiritual in ways unexpected but inspirational  HIScoach Terrence Perry HIS Divine Intervention, LLC

Master HIScoach Nanette Patterson is an awesome teacher with an uncanny and seemingly effortless ability to capture the essence of who you are, her teaching gave me the tools I needed to clarify my vision, identify my design and maximize my gifts into attainable goals. Attending the HIScoach Training Academy is one of the greatest

I am a recent graduate of the HIScoach Training Academy. This training sharpened the skills of what I love to do. The courses and assignments caused a lot of introspection, which led to personal discoveries and healing. The training has equipped me to be more effective in helping people in the spiritual and natural realm.

I have searched several years for a Christian coaching program that would be suitable to my needs and I found HIScoach Training Academy through an online Christian magazine. When Master HIScoach Nanette and I connected, it has been a blessed experience ever since. Thank you to my coach HIScoach Nanette for a beautiful connection. Through

All I can say is WOW as it relates to graduating from HIScoach Academy. The time Nanette spent taking me under her wing. To undergo this training caused me to understand that not only has God called me, but He has also chosen me & this program caused me to embrace my uniqueness, stand in