HIScoach Vickie Bryan

Would you like to be a Christian Life Coach? What about a Spirit-led, Christian Coach (HIScoach™)? You get both when you complete program!!!   This certification program is for you if: You proudly and unapologetically want to impact God’s kingdom using both Christ-centered, spirit-filled, AND practical principles to help others achieve their personal, spiritual, physical

Certified Christian Pre-Marital and Marriage Coach

**Please note individuals must be married or have been married.** A Certified Christian Premarital & Marriage Coach helps couples get it together and keep it together. This training program was designed to help couples have a healthy, Christ-centered marriage. It takes more than just love to have a healthy and happy marriage.  There are so

Christian Relationship & Marriage Coach

Are you interested in helping couples make it work? Consider becoming a Certified Christian Relationship & Marriage Coach (CCRMC). This certification is for those who are ready to yield to the God given assignment of helping couples make it work.  This is a six (6) week program which includes a mandatory submission of 5 practice coaching


Christian Life Coach Is In High Demand! Has God called you to become one?Do you value a Spirit-led, life?Would you like to start a Christian Coaching Business? Ministry?Looking for a certification with an INNER HEALING component?If you want to impact the Kingdom by helping individuals discover their true purpose, live their lives by God’s design, AND

About Us

  HIScoach Training Academy is committed to being a catalyst God uses to set people free by leading them into intimacy with the Holy Spirit and equipping them with the skills, tools and resources to help individuals walk in their calling and in the fullness of God. We firmly believe that Believers are to be

Called to be a Spirit-led, Christian Coach (HIScoach™)?

The Christian Life Coach certification that unapologetically emphasizes a Spirit-led life… Certified Christian Life Coaches Are In High Demand! Has God called you to become one? If you have been commissioned by God to impact the Kingdom by helping individuals discover their true purpose and live their lives by God’s design, then a career as