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EVER FEEL LIKE your mind never slows down? DO YOU have a short attention span? Is it hard to focus?

Did you know that the average attention span of a person is 8.25 seconds and is shrinking?


I told you that achieving and sustaining focus is harder in today’s complex and technology driven world than it’s ever been before. Would you believe me?  Sure you would. Why?  Because if you are reading this page, you’re experiencing it too. But what if I told you that it’s hard but not impossible even though it often feels like it.  It’s really just a matter of learning and you committing to applying tools, techniques, habits and exercises to help you concentrate, as well as gain self-awareness to understand the dynamics of your lack of focus.  What if we could cut through all of the fluff and whoo whoo stuff to create an actionable plan to overcome lack of focus?


  • Christian women who have vision but frequently encounter lack of focus so they get nothing done
  • Christian women with ideas that flow like a faucet in your head but find it hard to manage them
  • Christian women who find it difficult to find their focus so they don’t start or finish
  • Christian women ready to commit to taking actionable steps to freedom from not being focused
  • Christian women who would like to regain, maintain, and optimize their focus and concentration.

Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you. (Proverbs 4:25 ESV)


  • Weekly coaching videos. 2 – 4 via email link per week.
  • Downloadable coursebooks 
  • Weekly homework 
  • Printable workbook with Activity Worksheets


Module 1 – Understanding Focus and Concentration

Module 2 – Where is the Noise Coming From?

Module 3 – Tips, Techniques and Strategies to Improve Your Focus 

Module 4 – Exercises to Improve Your Focus and Concentration

Module 5 – Create Your Focus and Concentration Action Plan

Module 6 – Conclusion and Next Steps

In this course, you’ll:

  • Identify common distractors and what specific ones put drains on your attention span
  • Learn which distractors are particularly damaging to your focus at work
  • Learn a wealth of tips, techniques and habits that can help you improve your focus and control your distractions
  • Gain time management skills to help you take control of your time and keep distractions at bay
  • Be exposed to a list of exercises you can perform immediately to help you regain, maintain and optimize your focus and concentration
  • Create an action plan that you can use right away to improve focus and concentration
  • Identify 10 best practices to improve focus
  • Learn 10 mistakes that kill focus and concentration
  • Take a deeper analysis of the distractions you encounter daily
  • Take practical steps to get organized for better focus and control

You can use the techniques you learn in this course to boost your productivity in your professional life, or simply get more enjoyment out of your personal life. By the end, you’ll have a whole arsenal at your command for dispelling distractions and fine-tuning your focus.

Through this course, you have learned:

  1. The importance of striving to maintain focus in spite of the many distractions you face daily
  2. The different type of distractions and where they come from
  3. Which specific distractions cause you problems particularly
  4. Tips and techniques to help you deal with distractions and keep your concentration in tact
  5. Organization skills to help you stay on top of things
  6. Basic time management techniques to help you take control of your time
  7. Exercises you can do to improve and maintain your focus
  8. How to create a specific action plan that puts it all together

You’ll receive:

  • Downloadable Activity Worksheets – Engaging exercises and activities that clarify and stimulates ideas that will fit your life style and come up with your own Focus Concentration Plan.
  • Downloadable comprehensive instructional manual
  • Visual infographics “10 Best Practices to Improve Focus” and “10 Mistakes that Kill Focus & Concentration”
  • Summary Checklist
  • Audio and video lessons
  • Transcript of audio
  • Specific Prayers for

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