Are you interested in helping couples make it work? Consider becoming a Certified Christian Relationship & Marriage Coach (CCRMC). This certification is for those who are ready to yield to the God given assignment of helping couples make it work.  This is a eight (8) week program which includes a mandatory submission of 5 practice coaching sessions and completion of weekly assignments found in the HIScoach Training Academy Online Classroom.   For the tele-class, each student meets weekly by way of teleconference line. The onsite training is an all day intense class usually held on Saturdays. 

Topics included in this program are: 

 Module 1 (Basics of Coaching)

  • Essentials of Christian Coaching
  • Understanding boundaries and being clear of them
  • Using effective listening to hear what is obvious and not so obvious

Module 2 (Communication & Conflict)

  • What to do when the communication is down spiraling
  • Calling a “foul” and changing the game plan so both can win
  • The manifestation of a heartfelt apology

 Module 3 (Roles)

  • Understanding roles and rocking them
  • Common myths & understanding about roles
  • Understanding the word “submission” 

Module  4 (Design)

  • Identifying strengths and uniqueness to help bring spice to a relationship
  • Learning to love and accept each other’s skin that they are in
  • Using relationship tools to assess the health of a couple’s relationship 

Module Five ( Love Languages & God’s Involvement)

  • What a woman needs to know about her mate
  • What a man needs to know about his mate
  • Putting it all together to have a healthy relationship

Module 6 -(Launching)

  • What you need to launch your coaching practice
  • Determining your target audience with ease
  • Creating your business marketing plan