Are you interested in helping couples make it work? Consider becoming a Certified Christian Relationship & Marriage Coach (CCRMC). This certification is for those who are ready to yield to the God given assignment of helping couples make it work.  This is a six (6) week program which includes a mandatory submission of 5 practice coaching sessions and completion of weekly assignments found in the HIScoach Training Academy Online Classroom.   For the tele-class, each student meets weekly by way of teleconference line. The onsite training is an all day intense class usually held on Saturdays. 

Topics included in this program are: 

 Module 1 (Basics of Coaching)

  • Essentials of Christian Coaching
  • Understanding boundaries and being clear of them
  • Using effective listening to hear what is obvious and not so obvious

Module 2 (Communication & Conflict)

  • What to do when the communication is down spiraling
  • Calling a “foul” and changing the game plan so both can win
  • The manifestation of a heartfelt apology

 Module 3 (Roles)

  • Understanding roles and rocking them
  • Common myths & understanding about roles
  • Understanding the word “submission” 

Module  4 (Design)

  • Identifying strengths and uniqueness to help bring spice to a relationship
  • Learning to love and accept each other’s skin that they are in
  • Using relationship tools to assess the health of a couple’s relationship 

Module Five ( Love Languages & God’s Involvement)

  • What a woman needs to know about her mate
  • What a man needs to know about his mate
  • Putting it all together to have a healthy relationship

Module 6 -(Launching)

  • What you need to launch your coaching practice
  • Determining your target audience with ease
  • Creating your business marketing plan


Home Study  $797

You study on your own time. This is an 8 week program. You are given access to the HTA Online Classroom where all assignments, video, audio and text are found. Students can access online classroom using desktop, laptop or Smart Phone? Student will need to have the capabilities to access PDF documents. Adobe Reader can be download here. Student are encouraged to complete certification within 8 weeks taken no more than 3 months. The home study certification requires self-discipline.   Individuals are required to demonstrate efficiency in each area. Tuition does not include books. Once you have gain access to online classroom, you will be given all instructions regarding book order. 



Tele-class $997

Tele-class  – Learn from wherever you are comfortable. This format requires you to call into a training conference line at the scheduled time, usually once a week for 8 weeks. Between training calls there are homework assignments and an access to online classroom. Individuals must be participatory during the training calls. Individuals are required to demonstrate efficiency in each area. The required books are included in the tuition of $997.



Onsite – $1297

The on-site classes consist of a full day of classroom instruction. The class is usually held on Saturdays in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Individuals are required to demonstrate efficiency in each area. Books and materials are included in the tuition.