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Start anytime. Learn from the comfort of your own home and even on the go with our home study program. This home study program was designed with the individual in mind who has a desire to become a Christian coach but cannot find a consistent time to participate in a program. Individuals study on their own time.  In order to be successful with this program, you will need to be able to work independently. Discipline is needed.  When you complete this program, you will receive a lovely certificate to display proudly wherever you like. Successful completion will earn your certification. You will have unlimited access to the Student Resource Center which is filled with a plethora of information to help you build a thriving Christian coach practice and grow as a Christian coach. Each student will also have access to our exclusive Facebook Group. This course consists of 3 areas of study, coaching application, spiritual application and business application. You can expect 1 – 2 required books depending on the certification. The books range from $15 to $40.  Books can be ordered from You can expect to spend 1-2 hours of study each module. There are 10 modules.  This course consist of videos, audios, exercises, checklists, workbooks, and required practice sessions.

As a participant in the home study certification program,  you will need to be self-motivated, self-disciplined, and find it easy to stay on task. Procrastination is not a friend to those who participate in this program nor are distractions.

The cost of this program is $697.00. Individuals have 2 payment options.

Payment Option A = Pay entire tuition ($697)

Payment  Option B = 4 Payment Option ($185)

For payment installment options, there is a $43 administrative fee which has been added. Payments are drafted every 30 days.

To help students be accountable for completing the program, students are encouraged to finish within  16 weeks to finish their studies.


**Price increase July 1, 2016

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