5 Ways to Build and Maintain Your Credibility as a Christian Life Coach

5 Ways to Build and Maintain Your Credibility as a Christian Life Coach

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Building and maintaining your credibility as a Christian Life is vital. If you want people to buy your products and services as a Christian Life Coach, you need to understand the importance of building and maintaining your credibility as the go-to person in your niche.  You invested in yourself by getting the training and certification to up-level your credibility. Doing so was a significant accomplishment. The brutal truth is just saying you are a Certified Christian Life Coach or Life Coach is not enough. You have to be comfortable with creating and providing value to your ideal audience. Here’s how:


Content Creation. Creating value is by far the most important thing you can do to grow your audience and credibility. Blog posts, podcasts, eBooks, and self-paced training programs—whether free or paid—are the building blocks of your empire. Don’t know where to start? Consider following people like Salma Jafri, Video and Content Strategist.


Video. Many people struggle with creating value using video. Maybe you hate the sound of your voice, or you hate how you look on video. You’ll need to get push through it. Your potential clients need to get to know you with no mask, your authentic self. Video does a great job doing that especially live video. People getting to experience your entire voice which is not just the sound coming out of your mouth. Practice in front of a mirror using your smartphone (everyone has one those). Practice makes progress. Perfection not needed. You can even hire a video coach. Just start. Start sharing what you know on YouTube, FB Live, IG TV and other video channels.


Write a Book. The big daddy of content, a real, physical book can skyrocket your credibility and pave the way for the rest of your coaching career. You want to publish a printed book—and if you can attract the attention of a publishing house rather than going the self-publishing route, that lends more credibility. However, on demand is lovely too. Createspace (sister company of Amazon) is the way to go and entirely seamless.


Speaking. Nothing says “I know what I am talking about” than taking to the stage and speaking to a group. Don’t be afraid to start small. Find a local group or go to a Facebook Group that aligns with your niche. Look for opportunities to speak. Practice. Practice. Practice.


Host a Live Event. A great way to blow your audience away with your coaching skills is to plan and host a live event. It doesn’t have to be huge—in fact, a small, intimate venue is often the best choice.


Once you choose which credibility-building method that works the best for you, remember to market it. Not marketing it would be like walking in a dark room with a sign. These methods will only work if people know about it. So don’t just start a podcast, market it. Don’t step onto a stage of any size without shouting about it to the rooftops, and never write a book without a big launch. Credibility and visibility go hand in hand, so do everything you can to get the word out about your achievements. 


What’s your NEXT? Choose, then start today.


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