Be Intentional. Boost Your Confidence.

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Being Intentional Increases Your Confidence Level

Have you heard the song by Travis Greene entitled “Intentional?” I love that song! I was reminded of this song when I began writing this post. The lyrics are so powerful. If you have never heard it, you can hear it here. In the song Travis repeats the lyrics, “All things are working for my good. He’s Intentional. Never failing.” At the end of the song he starts proclaiming that God is working it out for him. I love the part where he says, “Get your confidence back.”

One step you can take to get your confidence back is to trust that any assignment that God gives you is intentional. Did you know that the word “intentional” means deliberate or on  purpose. As a Christian business owners, we need to be deliberate in the steps we take to get to the desired outcome in our business. Being intentional in business will increase your confidence. .

Being intentional means:

  1. Setting a goal and focusing on that goal until you have reached it.
  2. Doing everything in your authority to achieve goals that line up with God’s purpose, by any ethical means necessary.
  3. Lining up your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and actions with your desired outcome.
  4. Not wimping out or drawing back when it is time for you to show up.
  5. Creating a workable plan and working it. Execution is key.
  6. Doing more Income Producing Activities (IPA) and less Non-Income Producing (NPA).
  7. Pushing and pressing through the vision blockers and not allowing them to stop you.
  8. Choosing to walk by faith and not by fear.
  9. Keeping it moving even though you are in between fear and frustration. #DoItScared.
  10. Taking action on purpose.
  11. Incorporating effective tools, strategies and habits into your daily routine to get it done.
  12. Seeking knowledge and immediately implementing what was learned.

Action Steps

What tools do you need to get IT done? Make a list. What habits do you need to change or begin? Make another list. Is your plan written down? If you want to be intentional, you have to define your goals first. Then plan out (tactically) how you are going to achieve those goals. Make an uncommon commitment to get IT done.

I do believe that the secret sauce to being a BOSS is being intentional. How would you define your “Intentional”?  Write it down in your journal.

Nanette Floyd Patterson, MA, LPC
Master HIScoach & Founder

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