The Christian Life Coach certification that unapologetically emphasizes a Spirit-led life…

Certified Christian Life Coaches Are In High Demand!

Has God called you to become one?

If you have been commissioned by God to impact the Kingdom by helping individuals discover their true purpose and live their lives by God’s design, then a career as a Christian Coach might be for you!

You will know you are ready if:

  • People naturally seek you out for advice, encouragement and support
  • People tend to say that you are easy to talk to
  • You have a gift of exhortation and/or encouragement
  • You have the ability to inspire substantial action in others
  • You hold yourself and others accountable to the Word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit
  • You are ready to be your own boss with the freedom and flexibility to manifest financial provision whenever and however you choose!
  • You believe that having a relationship and communing with God is vital to your Christian walk

“People are craving more than just riches and fame”

The demand for coaches, in particular Spirit-led Christian Coaches, has skyrocketed because more than ever, people are searching for meaning and significance in their lives.

Instead of defining their success based solely on wealth and status, people are now looking to live lives filled with purpose, joy and satisfaction. They desire to make a significant and lasting contribution to the world centered around the work that God has placed on their hearts.

This is where you, the Christian Coach, come in….

These believers need your help in fulfilling this BIG vision; to come alongside and partner with them as they bridge the gap between where they are now to where they want to be. You have been blessed with the gifts and talents needed to fulfill this commission. However, you will also need to be equipped with the foundational skill-set to maximize your impact. This training program was designed for that exact purpose.


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I’d like to introduce the…

Spirit-Led Christian Coach (Certified HIScoach™) Program 

Combined with your natural talents and gifting, this program will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to transform lives on an even greater scale. Upon graduation, you will receive the very distinguished designation as Certified HIScoach™.

What makes the HIScoach™ training program unique?

The HIScoach Training Academy is unlike your traditional coach training, which limits coaches to only asking powerful questions to motivate clients to act. The HIScoach Training Academy even takes it a step farther than the typical Life Coach training programs by placing the emphasis on teaching coaches to be completely led by the Holy Spirit, tuning in to the voice of God while helping individuals on their transformational journey. This program also teaches individuals how to have a successful and thriving Christian coaching practice.

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HIScoaches have permission to play whatever role God wants them to play without worrying about man saying “that’s not coaching”. HIScoaches are not limited by the traditional teaching ~ that Life Coaches are not to advise or give answers. HIScoaches play the role they are called to function in whether it’s a coach, consultant, teacher, spiritual counselor, mentor, etc.  This training encourages coaches to NOT put God in a box when it comes to helping others get to a place where HE wants them to be.

As a HIScoach™, you are taught to use your complete design to help your clients manifest the vision God has given them by offering spiritual guidance, consulting, teaching, mentoring and coaching as led by the Holy Spirit. So not only are you provided with the skill set necessary to be a coach but you are presented with knowledge that will fully equip and prepare you spiritually, mentally and emotionally to be fully present for God to use you to support the client and the situation. 

This is what one graduate had to say…

For many years, I have been helping people get to their Place of Excellence. I didn’t know what to call what I was doing but I knew I was called by God to do it. Master HIScoach Nanette helped me define, name and fine tune what I was doing by taking me through her God-ordained and inspired HIScoach certification. Since becoming certified, Nanette has continued to support me by making herself available and by sharing invaluable resources. Nanette is a blessing to the Kingdom and to me personally.

Master HIScoach, Nanette Floyd Patterson is more than a coach. She provides the type of technical assistance that you don’t expect from most coaches. She has answered my questions and helped me set up my coaching practice so it will be successful for the long-haul. She is thoughtful and timely in her responses. She offers solutions and never criticizes or judges. If you are considering joining the HIScoach family, I encourage you to do so immediately. Every day you wait, you are losing valuable time that you could be spending with one of the best and highest integrity coaches in the industry. I’d recommend Nanette and the HIScoach Training Academy again and again.”

MichelleJ. Edelen, MBA, Certified HIScoach™, “The Excellene Engineer”

…And another

The HIScoach Training Academy truly changed my life. It gave me the permission to be who I’ve always been and the skill to be BETTER. I am excited about my journey in life coaching and also my connection with the HIScoach Training Academy. It definitely birthed purpose! Latia Powell, “The Unstuckable Coach”, Certified HIScoach™,

…And another

I am so very thankful for Master HIScoach Nanette Patterson and the HIScoach Training Academy! While going through the program, not only did it teach me how to coach my clients and how to run a successful coaching business, but I was also able to apply some of the principles to my personal life. The weekly calls, the learning modules via the online training center, and the assignments provided a valuable learning experience. The books that were using during the program have now become part of my library as I use them with clients and in my everyday life as well. However, if I had to pick my favorite part of the training (other than Master HIScoach Nanette being a wonderful, understanding, knowledgeable Coach) – it would be the tools & support that she provides long after the training is over and access to the community of HIScoaches that have successfully completed the program. In this community – we communicate and support each other – it’s AWESOME! So if you’re looking for a scripture based/Spirit-led coaching program, I wholeheartedly recommend that you sign up for the HIScoach Training Academy! It is well worth the investment! Your client’s life (and your life) will never be the same! Andrea T.  Martin, “The Discover Your Wings” Coach, Certified HIScoach™ ,, 


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The Spirit-led, Christian Coach’s Topics Include:


  • Hearing the Voice of God Clearly & Walking in the Spirit
  • Using Spiritual Disciplines to Stay Spiritually Sharp
  • Setting Divinely Inspired Goals
  • Using the Power of Questions to Stimulate the Transformation Process
  • Performing the Basic Skills of Christian Coaching
  • Structuring the Coaching Session yet leaving room for the Holy Spirit
  • Severing Ungodly Ties, Negative Expectations & Inner Vows
  • Transforming Lives through Inner Healing & Renewing the Mind
  • Discovering & Understanding Your DESIGN and Pouring Your Spice on Earth
  • Practicing your skills

…and more

Launching your coaching practice

  • Creating and setting up your administrative internal structures
  • Creating an actionable Coach Practice Business & Marketing Plan
  • Describing your services so people can get a clear picture of the result you offer
  • Gain clarity on your flock (target market)
  • Finding your Focus

… And more


  • Access to a community that encourages and supports.
  • Access to an experienced business coach and coach practice mentor.
  • Weekly emails consisting of encouragement, tips, tools and strategies on your journey of launching your Christian coach practice.
  • Forms, templates and action plans.
  • Significant discount toward other certifications, courses and programs.

As you can see….

The HIScoach Training Academy’s Certified HIScoach™ program will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to serve as a champion, a cheerleader, a sounding board, a partner, a co-designer, and a change catalyst; helping to propel your clients into their God given destinies.This program is not just knowledge but creates a platform for you to do what you learn.

With the HIScoach™ Credential, you will be equipped to help individuals:

  • Discover who they are and what they are called to do
  • Identify their passions, dreams, strengths and values
  • Discover their complete DESIGN and how God plans on using it to advance the Kingdom
  • Move towards Spirit-led responses
  • Discover who they are called to serve
  • Get to the root cause of matters of the heart.
  • Develop an uncommon commitment to carry out the instructions or tasks God has assigned.
  • Make healthy changes in their lives that are more in line with God’s will
  • so much more

Everything believers need is already within them. However, sometimes there are roadblocks that keep them stuck and not moving forward and they need that extra support, encouragement, edification, or Spirit Led exhortation to draw it out of them.

You, as a Certified HIScoach™, can hold the key to unlocking and releasing their true potential.

And….as you assist and support your clients, we will continue to assist and support you. Here are just a few additional benefits beyond becoming a fully trained and credentialed Spirit-Led Christian Coach (HIScoach).

This certification sets you apart from the rest.


This certification is PERFECT for ministers of the Gospel who are about their Father’s business. 

Imagine what this world would be like with all believers walking in their God ordained purposes and destinies. That really would be a force to be reckoned with. And you, as a Certified HIScoach™ could play a major role in that.

MORE of what others had to say…

All I can say is WOW as it relates to graduating from HIScoach Academy. The time Nanette spent taking me under her wing. She has been there every step of the way to encourage me has forever been life changing. To undergo this training caused me to understand that not only has God called me, but He has also chosen me & this program caused me to embrace my uniqueness, stand in my power & go out freely to do the work of the Lord. Master HIScoach, Nanette helped me to establish my voice & I would recommend this program to anyone who is seeking truth, wanting to be used by God without restrictions, and demands the local body so often put on us. I am a proud HIScoach & you can be too! Carla Cannon, “The Trailblazer” Certified HIScoach, 

…And another

My experience his been eye opening and rewarding.  The reading materials has been a blessing, not only in my study life, but in my personal life as well.  Several obstacles has surfaced, as well as areas that I needed to pray more about in depth.  If it has not been for the HTA, some things may not have been more spiritually visible, began to turn around, or allowed me to see life in a different light.  I am most appreciative to the HIScoach Training Academy for such a rewarding spiritual life training experience.  Belinda Staten, Certified HIScoach™

…And another

Attending HIScoach Training Academy has propelled me to a new place in my destiny. I have more clarity and direction about God’s assignment for me. I received training in how to serve my flock.  The individual support that Nannette Patterson provided after I completed the course is invaluable.  She is truly anointed and appointed to help her students see the manifestation of the gifts of God. Capresha C, Life Change Support, Certified HIScoach™

…And another

I am excited and delighted to be a member of the HIScoach™ family. The training that I received to become a certified HIScoach™ (Spirit-led, Christian Coach) was second to none. I have grown spiritually and in many other ways as a result of this program. Time will fail to tell of the exponential growth and spiritual awareness that has taken place in my life. Everything in the training was done with professionalism and in the character and nature of Christ. Nanette Floyd Patterson, Master HIScoach™, has definitely been ordained by God to execute Kingdom authority in the earth realm through this unique and powerful avenue. HIScoach™ is an extension of God’s hand and an exponent of his power in the earth, touching the lives of people nationally and internationally. The HIScoach Training Academy is desirable because it does not deviate from or contradict the teachings of the Holy Bible. However, this business as ministry compliments the very heart of God. It operates as a sign post, assisting people to reach the true destiny that God has prepared for them. I am eternally grateful to God for the Divine connection and the opportunity. I highly recommend this program of study for those seeking to become Christian coaches and those seeking a closer relationship to the Father.
Novice McDaniel, Minister, Certified HIScoach™,

…And another

This training sharpened the skills of what I love to do. The courses and assignments caused a lot of introspection, which led to personal discoveries and healing. The training has equipped me to be more effective in helping people in the spiritual and natural realm. Master HIScoach Nanette truly has a heart for you and your vision or goals. She goes above and beyond to ensure that you understand and to help you keep moving forward. Her support goes beyond the classroom or tele-class. Nanette is one of your biggest cheerleaders as you go through the program. I am thankful to have taken the course. I believe I am a better person and definitely more equipped in this area to do what God has called me to do.
Shyron Brailey,Certified HIScoach™,

…And another

What a blessing it is to be a part of the HIScoach Training Academy! I reviewed training after training for nearly 2 years. Finally I made the decision to go with HIScoach Academy. I’m so glad that I made the commitment. Not only am I learning how to build my business, but I also get a great amount of support. The reality is building a business can be challenging. It’s in those times that we need a good foundation, one that’s built on Christ. You will find that in HIScoach. Shanita Rogers, Certified HIScoach™,


The Kingdom, the body of Christ and the world needs you now!

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All students must show demonstration of basic coaching competencies.  Practice sessions are required.