HIScoach Training Academy is committed to being a catalyst God uses to set people free by leading them into intimacy with the Holy Spirit and equipping them with the skills, tools and resources to help individuals walk in their calling and in the fullness of God. We firmly believe that Believers are to be equipped and taught so they can “Go out…into all the nations” to advance the kingdom of God. 

It is our belief, regardless of what a Christian is called to do, that we are to live in the Spirit, to walk in the Spirit, to worship in the Spirit and to pray in the Spirit. For this reason all courses and certifications have emphasis of hearing the voice of God and walking in the Spirit.

HIScoach Training Academy’s leadership believes that spiritual formation is vital to the body of Christ.

“Christian spiritual formation refers to the intentional communal process of growing in our relationship with God and becoming conformed to Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.” James Wilholt



  1. Faith
  2. Spiritual Intimacy
  3. Biblical Truth
  4. Discernment
  5. Accountability
  6. Freedom
  7. Vision and Calling
  8. Integrity
  9. Passion
  10. Entrepreneurship



Nanette Floyd Patterson, President and Master HIScoach,  is also  theFounder/CEO of The Seed Planter Coaching and Counseling, is a Certified Coach Trainer, and Licensed Professional Counselor and Ordained Elder who specializes in helping women recognize their entrepreneurial TAGS (talents, abilities, gifts and skills) and then use them to manifest the vision that God has given them. She unapologetically walks in her gifts of exhortation and teacher.

With her over 14 years as a leader in the human resources industry along with her extensive background successfully coaching and counseling women, children and teens. This experience and knowledge coupled with her appreciation for the Word of God and His call on her own life to empower and equip others, makes Nanette a valued asset to any aspiring entrepreneur, leader or woman simply looking to walk in her divine purpose.

Best known as the “Vision Manifestation Queen”, Nanette has coached her clients on to find success as authors, artists, ministry leaders, counselors, and magazine publishers just to name a few. Some have even gone on to launch their own cosmetic lines, start ministries that provide a safe haven to at risk youth as well as build their own coaching practice from the ground up.

A serial entrepreneur, in her own right, Nanette has started and operated three successful companies while simultaneously teaching women how to develop avenues to create multiple streams of income in their lives. She has been recognized as being among the top 10% of successful women business owners in the state of North Carolina’s health services industry. In 2008, after just 2 short years in business, she took her agency from start-up to grossing over 4.2 million in earnings. Through her coach training program, courses, workshops and products, Nanette capitalizes on this business know – how by teaching and coaching others in doing the same.


Whether it’s to step out in ministry, start a business, build a website or even author a book, Nanette has a track record for quickly catching someone’s vision, assisting them in overcoming their internal blocks and then providing them the guidance, encouragement and that extra push needed to help them bring it to fruition. Described by her clients as a “fire starter”, she has an exceptional ability to turn aspiring entrepreneurs into successful business owners. Will you be the next success story?